“A Canada secure from external and internal violent threats with a well-integrated and prosperous Canadian Muslim population / community.”


  • Conduct / support policy research conducive to Canadian security and social cohesion
  • To advise Federal Government on how to enhance Canada’s image as a nation of peace and prosperity
  • To make Canada a model multicultural, pluralistic democratic society for the world to emulate


  • To be a leading source of research and expert advice on Muslim world affairs in Canada
  • Identify sound and practical measures for the government, and the community to counter violent radicalization in Canada
  • To produce and recommend policies and programs for socio-economic integration of visible minorities in Canada


  • Research funding and scholarships to universities and think tanks
  • Periodic conferences and forums on international conflicts, peace and justice issues
  • Government lobbying and policy presentations on national and international issues on Muslim interests
  • Political and media relations
  • Events to project a brighter image of Muslims and Islam