Musap Abdelhag

Community Outreach Officer

My Name is Musap Abdelhag - however many call me Moose Abdel. I founded S.I.Y.S (Struggle Is Your Success) and I thrive to help others develop themselves by making them set goals and achieve them through any means possible. I am a young vibrant Canadian Entrepreneur & Mentor Professional. Over the past 5 years, I have become a Self-Development Specialist using my very own real-life experiences to help influence others. I lecture on setting and obtaining goals - by creating a vision and a belief system without barriers, on leadership - both ethical and unethical forms, business strategies, dressing for success, organizational cultures, and professionalism.

I am also a Diligent, energetic person with strong interpersonal Skills. I have a proven record of accomplishment of serving as an Effective liaison between companies and their potential current clients. I work to keep and increase customer satisfaction with every phone call by showing clients that I understand where they are coming from and effectively calming them down when they are anxious. I do take the importance of delivering the mission of a brand with each action and interaction that takes place-involving clients. I strive to leave every audience I interact with a sense of hope, which they can use to fight their challenges. My future is to pursue a career in Health & Medical Field and improve my skills through research and training, locally and internationally. This helps me to create interesting content for my presentations.


A little about me:

I am passionate about giving everyone different choices. In addition, resources to meet their goals around the world. I believe that our purpose in life is to keep improving ourselves so that we can achieve our goals. At the age of 23, many leaders who had this vision surrounded me, and they inspired my colleagues and me to achieve many things, including standing up for the oppressed and drive change in our community. From 9 years old, I was constantly fighting family Violence and abuse in my household. My childhood was extremely challenging. I eventually overcame all the trials I faced. I had the opportunity to connect with great leaders who inspired me to become the man I am today. I was a young Sudanese Canadian Muslim who was fighting an identity crisis and had a hard time bridging western and traditional cultures. Today I fight for every man, woman, and child to receive the same opportunities as they strive for success by learning.

I have been working since 2016. I specialize in helping People identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, & stress. I take great pride in the Progress and success of my clients and want to expand my reach to more people every day.


I started from the pain of daily struggles in a life that involved violence, drugs, and music. I dragged into a life that had no tangible outcomes; rather it was simply a waste of time. I struggled daily and fought extreme depression, which led me to suicidal tendencies. Negative people surrounded me for many years. I ended up in the hospital multiple times for my involvement in gang violence. I was stuck on a repetitive loop, making the same mistakes repeatedly. Sometimes I would use my childhood abuse as an excuse for my behavior. I ended up homeless with no food to eat, and nowhere to go. I witnessed multiple shootings and realized that this lifestyle was not for me. I witnessed a deadly shooting one night, something I will never forget. This made me say to myself enough was enough.


Thank you to my amazing brothers who taught me the values Of life and helped overcome my fears. I gave them full credit for saving my life from the chaos I was living.