Name: Mr. Mohamad Khaled

Field: Academics

Profession: RCMP Officer - National Security - Public Engagement Unit

Availability:2 hrs/mo

Short Bio: I am originally from Lebanon, Father from there and Mother from Syria. We came to Canada in 1986 to Ontario, and I moved to Calgary in 2010 to start my career as an RCMP officer. I worked in the Calgary area for my entire career up until recently when I moved to Edmonton. I started with the RCMP as a General Duty officer, investigating everything from traffic offences to drug activity. Now I work in the Public Engagement unit, where I am involved in the community I serve as a liaison between the RCMP and the Public. In my role I also deliver training about various topics. I am also a crisis negotiator, where I help with hostage situations and other emergency situations. I love sports especially basketball and soccer, which I played all my life. I am very excited to be a part of the mentorship program and look forward to giving advice to anyone who is interested in a career like mind. Thank you for the opportunity!