Name: Ms. Fauzia Moyeen

Field: Medicine

Profession: Physician

Credentials: Master in Diabetes England

Availability:2 hrs/mo

Short Bio: Over the past 26 years Fauzia Moyeen has provided cross-cultural training in more than 15 countries and consulting services in 2 countries in the field of diabetes management and diabetes education. Fauzia Moyeen was appointed as the Head of Academics in King Saud University Saudi Arabia, where she had the platform to demonstrate her skills in creativity, innovation and designing curriculum for different para-medical and medical staff in the field of chronic diseases, conducting seminars, international conferences and train the trainer programs. She has spoken/facilitated over 300 international, national conferences, workshops and focused groups meetings. She has a passion for diabetes education and believes it’s the corner stone in managing all chronic diseases. In her career as a trainer she has successfully practiced the theory of Empowerment, has vast multicultural training experience, successfully delivered Insulin Pumps and sensors training, and has keen interest in Type 1 kids and focusing on their psyhco-social aspects. She is a member of American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Canada and Alberta International Medical Graduate Association (AIMGA), MD International. Currently working as Membership Director Calgary Chapter and Mentor for CCIS. Also doing workshops for Diabetes, Mental health from the platform of CCIS, AMIGA and MD International.