Name: Mr. Ilyas Gora

Field: Law

Profession: Articling Student

Credentials: Juris Doctor (JD); Bachelor of Commerce

Interests: I’m a news junkie and an urbanist. I enjoy keeping up with current events, listening to podcasts, and participating in community work. I love Calgary and have bicycled through all 198 neighborhoods.


Short Bio: Ilyas is a community leader, volunteer, and Student-at-Law with Torys LLP. A proud born-and-raised Calgarian, he grew up spending his evenings at the Calgary Public Library and exploring the city on Calgary Transit. He is now the go-to source for scoops on local experiences amongst his friends and regularly gives tours of the city. A graduate of the Haskayne School of Business and the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, Ilyas was actively involved in student leadership during his time on campus. Outside of the office, Ilyas is passionate about community building and bringing people together. He has founded and led a number of grassroots initiatives to encourage civic engagement—especially amongst young people and in Calgary's diverse Muslim community. Over the last decade, he has worked on over a dozen political campaigns, helping to elect MPs, MLAs, and city councillors. When he’s not out knocking on doors, Ilyas can be found cycling, exploring new neighbourhoods, and people-watching at local coffee shops.