# Title Name Field Profession Availability Details
1 Mr. Abdul Rafae Engineering Electrical Engineer in Training 6 hrs/mo Read More
2 Mr. Abir Islam Medicine Final Year Medical Student Read More
3 Ms. Amira Kalifa Medicine (MD/MSc) Student weekday evenings and weekends Read More
4 Dr. Arit Archibong Medicine Physician 2 hrs/mo Read More
5 Ms. Ayesha Kashif Medicine 1st Year Medical Student Read More
6 Mr. Faisel Syed Law and Accounting Tax Lawyer Variable. Plan ahead of time Read More
7 Mr. Faraz Bawa Law Lawyer Bi-weekly on weekends. Read More
8 Ms. Fauzia Moyeen Medicine Physician 2 hrs/mo Read More
9 Mr. Habib Abdullah Engineering Civil Engineer 4 hrs/mo Read More
10 Mr. Ilyas Gora Law Articling Student Flexible Read More
11 Mr. Jamiu Abdsalami Engineering Field Engineer Available once a week Read More
12 Ms. Maida Khan Health Care Registered Nurse Twice a month Read More
13 Mr. Mike Shaikh Entrepreneur Director of the Alberta Children's Hospital 2 hrs/mo Read More
14 Mr. Mohamad Khaled Academics RCMP Officer - National Security - Public Engagement Unit 2 hrs/mo Read More
15 Mr. Mohammad Khaer Professional Services 2 hrs/mo Read More
16 Dr. Mukarram Zaidi Medicine Medicine, Family Physician Weekly Read More
17 Ms. Rabiya Malik Chemical Engineering Project Coordinator at Graham After 6pm every day Read More
18 Mr. Raghed Mirza Economists 2 hrs/mo Read More
19 Mr. Rana Sibghat Ullah Management Consulting >8 hrs/mo Read More
20 Ms. Sandra Kadhim Medicine 1st Year Medical Student Read More
21 Ms. Sania Chaudhry Law Lawyer once a month in the last week of the month Read More
22 Mr. Shahab Ahmed Technology Principal Architect Weeknights Read More
23 Mr. Taha Rahamatullah Accounting Accountant 2 hrs/mo Read More
24 Mr. Tariq Iqbal Medicine Physician 4 hrs/mo Read More
25 Mr. Wahaj Akhtar Medicine Student Open Read More
26 Mr. Yasser Mostafa Law Enforcement Police Officer 2 hrs/mo Read More
27 Mr. Zegham Butt Financial Services (Banking) Branch Manager / Financial Planner Weekends Read More