About the Study

Canadian Community Engagement Study is a nation-wide study focusing on the communication gap between Muslims and the fellow Canadians

  • Methodology

    Non-Discriminative snowball sampling

    A non-discriminative snowball sampling approach will be used to obtain survey respondents. Because snowball sampling is a non-probability sampling technique, results are not necessarily representative of the Canadian Community. Despite this, the research revealed significant insights into the perceptions of Canadian Muslims, and challenges facing the Canadian Muslim Community. The insights from the research are important and will be used to inform future, more significant research efforts.

  • Survey Design and Collaboration

    Insights Matter & Think for Actions

    In collaboration with Insights Matter – a Calgary-based market research firm – we have created a short survey and would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to complete it. The survey is about 5 minutes in length and your responses are 100% confidential and anonymous. All responses go directly to Think for Actions, who will independently aggregate all the data. Think for Actions will not look at individual data. Survey results will be used to help us better understand the rise of Islamophobia and access the communication between Canadian Muslims and non-Muslim. The results will help us develop programs that will help us to build a stronger Canada.

  • Survey Implementation

    3000+ organizations & Social Media

    Think for Actions (TFA) will be advertising and contacting organization to participate in the online survey. TFA will utilize all social media and news media to spread the word. TFA has developed a database if not all but most of the Masjids, Churches, Mandirs, Gurdwaras, Synagogues, Buddhist temples, LGBTQ, First Nations and Inuit Communities, immigrant and refuge support groups, civil liberties group, multicultural and newcomer serving agencies.

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