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About Us

Think for Actions is a Calgary based national non-profit think tank, focused on the professional development of youth with a long-term goal of establishing a research institute on community affairs. The organization is focused on effectively engaging communities through research, collaborations and partnerships poised to solve grand societal challenges.


Currently conducting a nationwide survey across Canada assessing the interaction between Canadians of differing faiths

The RISC survey gathered data on community involvement, political activity, Muslim leadership, discrimination, and what Canadian Muslims think about the representation of them in the media.

Professional Development

We host workshops to provide information on different career paths!

Previous workshops

o Path to Medicine
o Path to Law
o Path to Success
o Path to Politics
o Path to Dentistry

We also have internships over the summer where you can get the opportunity to learn more about research and showcase your talents!


The Western Minaret: A social sciences journal with an emphasis on research that is currently lacking

The Platform Project: An online magazine with a focus on community collaboration. Anyone can contribute content to be published!

In the News