Qasim-Ali Kanany

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Designation CEO

About Me

Qas Kanany began work with Think For Actions as Chief Design Director in 2014. He is the first to hold this position in the lauded non-profit organisation, and in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors, works closely with the Chief Communications Director, Ms. Ayesha Imran.

As a representative of the organisations' public image and sponsors, his work mainly contends with accumulating, and maintaining, Think For Actions' relationship with their sponsors and donors. He is the designated photographer and videographer for all events held by the NPO, in addition to issuing press-statements and assisting with community outreach.

Qas assisted in spear-heading the establishment of Muqarnas Press and its publications, including The Western Minaret and The Platform Project. His work has been featured in Beatroute Magazine, FFwD and the Georgia Strait. While representing several fashion models and musical groups in Calgary and Vancouver, he has also been designated as the official photographer for numerous local businesses and personages.

Mr. Kanany, 26, works outside of the reporting and editing aspects of Think For Actions and it's subsidiaries, generally focusing on infrastructure, community and corporate relations. Qas attends to any photographic or visual requirements which the organisation requires, and will occasionally contribute an Op-Ed article or statement, especially when conferring with other organisations.

After receiving his first degree in Speech Therapy and Drama from Trinity College London at the age of 17, Qas has pursued a primarily scholarly career, taking degrees at UBC and the University of Calgary. He has been a professional photographer for six years, but always expressed a passion for the work. After beginning with photographing live shows and concerts and transitioning to weddings and couture, his mentorship under Chairperson Dr Mukarram Ali Zaidi led him to a position on the board of Think For Actions. In assisting his mentor, Mr Kanany was engaged in the establishment of the organisation's publications, as well as the first study published by Think For Actions based on the RISC study conducted in early 2015.