Rulla Abbas

Designation Health Promotion

About Me

I am Calgarian born and raised. I earned my Bachelors of Science at the University of Calgary, and went on to pursue my Masters of Science in Midwifery in Seattle, Washington, and produced a thesis that created practice guidelines for primary care providers on how to provide religiously sensitive care to Muslim Women. I have had some very unique life experiences that sparked my passions for both medicine and humanitarian Aid. Growing up with a brother, who was diagnosed with childhood leukemia, meant that I was acquainted with medicine and its immense potential to benefit humanity, from an early age. My passion for humanitarian aid became apparent while partaking in an obstetrical rotation with the United Nations; I worked onsite in areas affected by the Syrian conflict, caring for pregnant refugees. I also am the founder of Camp Ahmed Abbas, a youth camp created in memory of my late brother, Ahmed Abbas' fight with leukemia; It is geared towards providing underprivileged youth with camp experiences and mentorship. I am very passionate about empowering our with through the power of knowledge and education.