Musap Abdel

Designation Community Outreach (Youth)

About Me

Mr.Musap Abdelhag, known by the nickname Moose, is a young and vibrant man with an energetic magnetism. At age 26, Moose has successfully become an entrepreneur and Founder of his own organization S.I.Y.S. (Struggle Is Your Success). He is the sole founder and has been in operation since 2012 helping individuals in the area of motivation. Moose was a former event promoter. He has assisted his clients by contributing innovative ideas to help them achieve their goals. Currently, Moose is building an organization dedicated to motivating and assisting others. His expectations is to teach others the motivational skills that will help you develop your career path. Moose writing a book titled "The LIGHT OF YOUR DREAMS" This is a Book of quotes, quotes that intend to inspire individuals on a daily basis. As a Motivational Speaker and Mentor Specialist he has lectured on Setting and Obtaining Goals by creating a vision and a belief system without barriers. Leadership: Ethical and unethical forms Leadership, Business strategies, Dressing for success, Organizational cultures, Professionalism. Prescriptions for Life and more. Mr.Musap is part of organization called OWN IT CANADA where is a mentor and involved in program called mentorship training program for more information please visit the website: His responsibility to leave every audience he interact with a sense of hope in life. His main responsibilities include research, writing and creating all the creative content for his presentations. He is dedicated to the continuing development of his skills and expertise. He continues to expand his knowledge in the areas of psychology and technology advancement through education. His strongest quotes is : FOLLOW IT, BELIEVE IT , MAKE IT HAPPEN.