Path to Law - Press Release

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Path to Law- Raising the Bar for our children By: Maaz Shahid   "Bismillah ar-rahman ar- raheem", or With the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Law school was the focal point of the second seminar hosted by Think For Actions, the brainchild of Mukarram Zaidi and Khurram Abbasi. It was apparent from the beginning that this seminar was aimed at youth, specifically junior high and high school students through four courageous MC's, all of whom were in junior high.   Guests started trickling in around 4:45, including the Dean of Law at the University of Calgary, Dr. Ian Holloway. He immediately mingled with the audience, which included junior high students, to law students, to some working professionals. The line-up of speakers included the President of Think for Actions, a few recent law school graduates, a current lawyer, and a member of the Calgary Police Service. One of the stars of the night was Shams Amiry, who through jokes, stories and experiences, imparted some wisdom on the young and eager soon-to-be lawyers. He expelled myths and ignited hope into a community that doesn't always look favorably at lawyers.   Something that really stood out to me, personally, was the way the Dean of Law spoke about the pursuit of Justice and just how important it was. As a Muslim, although the means through which that justice is delivered may differ, I was reminded that we as Muslims are commanded to the same goal, the goal of justice. We at Think for Actions hope that through seminars such as these, we can perhaps inspire some people to take on this powerful idea of justice, and choose to make a career out of it. Through these seminars, we hope to spark some change into a community that has made great strides, but needs to make more.   By Maaz Shahid