660 news Effort behind survey looks to prove Muslims are 'normal Canadians'

  A Calgary doctor hopes a new survey will help break down the barriers facing Alberta Muslims. The poll, being conducted by Think for Actions, is asking Muslims about everything from discrimination and marginalization to their quality of life. The group's chair, Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi, tells 660 NEWS one of the ideas behind the survey is to prove that they are normal Canadians. Being called a Muslim and to represent Islam is becoming more and more difficult every day because the common person doesn't see the difference between these militant groups and true Islam itself. And what's happening is we are seeing our youth to be lost in between, says Dr. Zaidi. He says groups like ISIS and the Taliban, proclaiming to be Muslim, have nothing to do with Islam. And there's another perception that they (Canadian Muslims) would like to take over Canada and make it an Islamic country. And that perception is completely wrong. Muslims immigrated (with) our children to make Canada their home country because of the beautiful country it is, the awesome values it has. It is one of the best countries in the entire world, says Zaidi. He says they came here for the quality of life, justice and a health system where a taxi driver, homeless person, C.E.O. or the Prime Minister can all walk into a hospital and get the same treatment.   Read FULL story at http://www.660news.com/2016/01/17/effort-behind-survey-looks-to-prove-muslims-are-normal-canadians/