About Us

Think for Actions is a Calgary-based non-profit think tank, focused on the professional development of youth and establishing a research institute on community affairs. The organization is focused on effectively engaging communities through research and interaction offering new solutions.


  • Empowering youth through career mentorship
  • Establishing an institute for research on community affairs
  • Developing a think tank of researchers, intellectuals and scholars


  • Strengthening and empowering today's youth
  • Encourage the professional development and mentoring of youth
  • Developing a research institute dedicated to addressing the current state of affairs


  • Building a stronger and safer Canada for all
  • Increasing professional opportunities for our youth
  • Developing leadership skills in our youth.
  • Organizing conferences that explore and solve issues relevant to youth in North America
  • Providing a platform for PhD and MSc students to conduct research on relevant issues.
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration between various organizations throughout North America.
  • Establishing a research institute engaging young scholars to find practical solutions for widespread discrimination faced by many communities in Canada