Brainstorming for Magazine


  • Online. Opinion piece publication.

Target Demographic

  • Youth: 16-30


  • Articles to be posted monthly


  • Anyone can submit an article to the publication

Scope of Magazine

The Platform Project will be an online magazine with content that focuses on current issues, arts and culture, profiles on community members etc. It will be a platform for people to voice their opinions. People will be able to write in and get their content published as it will be a community initiative. Hence the name: The Platform Project. This is a community project as our community is in dire need for communication across a relevant medium. This magazine will be for everyone, whether Muslim or Non-Muslim etc., and it will be a great entity which will allow for opinions from all spectrums to be expressed. A place where we can help facilitate a better understanding of each other’s cultures & beliefs.

Scope of Magazine

  • Community affairs (current events etc.)
  • Career development
  • Knowledge and entertainment

Potential categories

  • Current events (opinion pieces on current situations)
  • Culture bio (members can discuss and reflect on their cultural experience)
  • Arts and Culture( food review, comic strip submission, fashion, entertainment)
  • Community profile (bio on members in the community)
  • Career (discussion about career options for youth)


  • Name: The Platform Project
  • Website will have a modern aesthetic which appeals to youth, but will be a magazine everyone would like to read
  • Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts can be produced