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  RISC Survey

RISC SURVEY STATEMENT OF WORK Prepared for: Think for Actions October 13, 2015 Background: Think for Actions wishes to understand a) the key issues facing Muslims in their communities today, b) the level of interest in Islam among Muslims, and c) the benefits and outcomes of stronger efforts and participation in Islam at the local level.   Insights Matter, a Calgary-based market research firm, was asked to provide recommendations and a proposal to assist with a survey-based research approach that will meet the following objectives:

  • Understand key issues, challenges and barriers faced by Muslims today;
  • Build engagement among Muslims in their local communities;
  • Create programs and initiatives that will support, build and sustain Islamic culture at the community and broader level;
  • Guide and enable Islamic leadership in supporting, building and sustaining Islamic culture.

Results will be presented at the upcoming Research and Intellectuals Scholars Conference (RISC). Research Approach: An on-line survey will be administered to meet the above objectives. Insights Matter will provide end-to-end market research services that will include:

  • Working with Think for Actions to scope the survey objectives,
  • Full survey design;
  • Full survey programming and on-line hosting;
  • Survey link that Think for Actions can use to administer the survey;
  • Full data analysis, dataset and statistical tables;
  • Detailed report;
  • In-person presentation.

We will advise Think for Actions about administering the surveys at various events and conferences, although it is our understanding that the main method of administration will be through the Muslim Association of Canada (Calgary chapter). Respondents will be able to complete the survey on-line or using a mobile device.�We recommend including a prize incentive in order to increase participation levels in the survey. A budget of $150 (conservative) should be considered for this purpose. The number of completed surveys cannot be estimated at this time because we are uncertain about the methods of survey administration (i.e. events, associations, etc.) that will be used, and the number of potential respondents. Given the importance of the topic to participants, and given our experience, we anticipate a 15% to 20% response rate. Although the survey results will be highly valid and informative, a margin of error cannot be calculated.   The Survey: The research will include, but not be limited to the following topics:

  • Quality of life among Muslims;
  • Key barriers and challenges;
  • Level of engagement, participation and volunteering in Islamic and non-Islamic events and causes;
  • Perceptions about living in Canada, adopting Canadian values, and retaining Muslim identity;
  • Perceptions about and participation in Islamic religion and culture;
  • Barriers to greater engagement in Islamic religion and culture;
  • Perceptions about Islamic leadership at the community level;
  • Perceptions about and experiences with marginalization and discrimination;
  • Demographic profiles and characteristics.

In order to support this project and demonstrate our abilities, Insights Matter has already designed the survey. The survey is included along with this proposal. We anticipate that the survey will be ~12 minutes in length. Project Budget: $12,500 + GST. Assumptions:

  • Think for Actions will be responsible for:
    • Administering the survey to all audiences (I.e. providing all sample);
    • All survey reminders;
    • Everything related to incentives, including the recommended $200 in incentives.
  • Survey region is Alberta-only;
  • No travel expected for the project. Travel costs are not included in this proposal.

RISC Conference: In addition to the services outlined in this proposal, Insights Matter will:

  • Be a presenter at the RISC conference, if requested;
  • Advise on constructing and administering workshops at the conference.

  ABOUT INSIGHTS MATTER Who We Are One of the fastest growing market research companies in Canada. We work with some of the largest companies in Western Canada including Canadian Western Bank, ENMAX, Edmonton International Airport, BC Hydro, and Canada�s Sports Hall of Fame. Our recent work for Berkshire Hathaway in 2015 has been highly recognized. Insights Matter is an insights generation company. We are business consultants who use market research to generate insights that help our clients solve a problem or answer strategic questions about their organization, products, services, employees, customers and markets. We provide end-to-end market research services: large and small scale surveys, focus groups and customer design sessions, in-depth interviews and ethnographic observations, and full-scale advanced data and customer analytics. How We�re Different We are expert market researchers and data scientists, but what we do is very different from other research companies. We� are collaborators, and experts at innovation. We use innovative techniques and approaches to �get past the obvious.� We understand the importance of translating research into focused and actionable stories. Our philosophy is that market research is simply a means to an end. The end is insights that our clients can use to understand and improve their companies or organizations. Project Lead: Dr. Derek Blair, President of Insights Matter, Inc.

  • PhD in Cognitive Anthropology, SSHRCC Fellow Alumni, expert in research design, execution and analysis;
  • Executive roles both as research client and supplier. Former Managing Director of Intelligence & Innovation at ATB Financial, Senior Vice President at NRG Research Group, Vice President at Ipsos Reid, Manager of Research and Product Development at ENMAX;
  • Former lecturer at Carleton University and University of Calgary. Courses included research methods, statistics for social sciences, and theory and methodology;
  • LinkedIn Profile http://ca.linkedin.com/in/derekblair1

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