Pathway to Medicine Seminar - The Beginning of a New Mindset

Like all things, we began the “Pathway to Medicine” Seminar, by asking for our initiative to be blessed by Allah, in the form of a Quran recitation. This was followed by a quick message from the current Think for Actions (TFA) President, Khurram Abbasi. The purpose and vision of TFA was elaborated on, to provide the crowd with a more concrete understanding of our organization.


To sum it up, TFA has two main goals: one is to enable a working and effective youth mentorship system; the other is to become a research institution.



Without any time being wasted, the crowd was given what they came for, on a Thursday evening in the first week of December: current and enthusiastic Medical School Students to educate their children on the steps, challenges, and reasons for getting into Medical School in Canada. The crowd was fairly diverse in terms of age, with 15-18 year olds being the largest age group. The presenters, all four being Medical Students at the University of Calgary, presented the information in a very simple and interactive manner, from removing myths about Medical School, to introducing new ideas and a lot in between. Questions were taken and addressed throughout the presentation, giving a feeling of one-on-one interaction not normally felt by audiences during presentations. A current physician, Dr. Mukarram Zaidi, was also involved in answering questions that were more pertinent to medicine as a career, such as information that you only learn once you begin your career.


The event concluded with two distinguished and accomplished community leaders: Dr. Abdul Rahman and Mahdi Qasqas.


Each bringing their own unique and powerful experiences, they inspired the crowd to not just be a part of society, but also be the reason for its betterment. Alhamdulillah, everything worked out quite well in the first of (insha Allah) many seminars, yet none of this would have been possible without the crowd that was tightly packed into the small Science Theatre classroom. Our hope is that the participants of the seminar use this as the beginning of taking good initiatives, and encouraging others to do the same, either with Think for Actions, or any other organization working to make the future brighter for upcoming generations.


By: Maaz Shahid - A Student, Researcher, Philanthropist, Activist -